Experience reimagined...

Giving you a full picture of your business inside and out. A quality compliance tool designed specifically for health & aged care, disability & home care, and retirement.

A 360 degree view of both CX (customer experience) and EX (employee experience) in one comprehensive platform.

It’s Customer Experience (CX) reimagined.

Designed for you

Customer experience shouldn’t just be a department. It should be the entire company.

Allowing managers and execs to own their own data, with multi-level dashboards and reporting.

For managers

At the individual facility or community level we support you to:

  • Easily gather feedback along the customer journey
  • Employee engagement and experience pulse surveys
  • Interpret data and insights against the quality standards
  • Identify and resolve potential issues or complaints
  • Prepare to be accreditation ready

For executives

At organisational level, CarePage
Business supports you to:

  • Evaluate data over time to see trends and profile risk
  • Drive continuous quality improvements and better experiences
  • Benchmark key metrics and surveys against sector
  • Build a meaningful Voice of Customer (VoC) and Employee centred culture

Let the analytics tell a powerful story and help you risk
profile homes that are under-performing against the
quality standards ahead of time.

The customer’s
perception is your reality

The way the health and ageing market measures and delivers on
quality is undergoing a significant transformation.

By taking the time to understand what matters to your customers,
you can uncover meaningful insights to improve and deliver products
and services that people value.

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Health & aged care sector leaders are learning to harness the voice of the customer and employee program with CarePage Business.

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